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Innovation in safety and civilization construction
Strengthening the construction of enterprise safety civilization and establishing a good corporate image are the motive force and important guarantee for the future development of security escort enterprises.
(1) guide members to establish correct safety values.
Safety should be put in the first place in all work, protecting people's physical and mental health, respecting people's lives and accomplishing people's value. The whole process of security escort is to show the process of safety precaution, and the players play a leading role. Its ideological concept, moral principles, civilized essence, daily beliefs and so on will affect their work mood, behavior, habits and sense of responsibility.
Therefore, we must use a lofty energy to persuade, attract, unite and inspire people, give full play to people's creativity and subjective initiative, and form a sense of direction, sense of mission in the team as a whole. Safety and health should be regarded as the value policy of the whole team, and the pursuit of cadres and workers should be to ensure safety and preparedness and avoid all kinds of incidents, especially to eradicate extremely serious and vicious incidents.
(two) establish and improve enterprise safety management standards.
Safety civilization is an important manifestation of team members'work, and safety criteria and safety standards are the behavioral principles of team members. In daily work, escort and escort units should strengthen safety education for team members, firmly establish the concept of "safety top", so that units do not have serious traffic incidents, firearms, ammunition thrown away, fire incidents, no money truck stolen, robbed responsibility cases, no team members'criminal cases.
(three) strengthen safety education and practice.
The core of army building is the essence of progressive forces, and the key to progress in essence lies in practice. Modern working groups need special training and training ability.
From a macro point of view, the working characteristics of security escort determine that only through standardized training and practice, can we build up qualified security forces in ideals, beliefs, value trends, behavior forms, business technology and moral character. Such a force is the sustainable development of human resources and intellectual support, and so is safety education.
Through safety education and practice, it can promote the progress of the essence of safety civilization, the optimization of safety practices and the development of safety energy demand.
Through safety education, the team members can form correct safety concepts, change their emotions of neglecting the safety of escort, and make their behavior more in line with the safety standards and requirements in the process of escort. Together, on the basis of practice, we will arrange for post training activities such as anti-robbery drills, emergency preparedness disposal, network handover and contracting procedures to strengthen staff safety technology and improve emergency handling skills.
In short, as the economy enters a new normal situation, the market competition becomes more and more fierce, as long as innovation can complete sustainable development.
If security enterprises want to remain invincible in the market competition, they must introduce innovation mechanism and get out of the traditional way of thinking.
Therefore, in the new economic environment, the decision-makers of security escort enterprises should find a new direction for the sustainable development of enterprises, and find a unique way to expand the security escort enterprises. The innovation of army construction is an important aspect.





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