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    In order to maintain the normal order of teaching, the order of life, the safety of the personal and property of teachers and students, and hire a full-time security guard to protect the school, many schools are responsible for the security of the campus. What security measures do funny security personnel need to do?
    1、严格出入口管理 Strict entrance management
    It is very important to ensure the safety of campus. Security personnel should mainly strengthen the work of three aspects: one is to do a good job of inquiries into the entrance and exit of the school staff, to enter the door with relevant documents, to keep the idle people out of the school; the two is to do a good job in the management of the entrance and exit items, not only to prevent the entry of dangerous articles and prohibited items into the school, but also to take care to carry them to the outside. Suspicious items; three is to manage the traffic order in and out of the door, the bike ride to make its cart move in and out, the motor vehicle must be carried in accordance with the guard, pedestrians walk on the side door, prevent the confusion and danger of human and car mixing.
    2、维护好校园内部治安 maintaining the internal security of the campus
    In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the teachers and students in the campus, many schools, especially colleges and universities have entertainment places, such as clubs and college students' activities center. At the same time, intercollegiate students have increasingly frequent contacts, and the contacts between teachers and students in school are increasing gradually, and all kinds of public security events have occurred. We should put in a considerable number of security personnel and strengthen the management of public places on campus, such as restaurants, video rooms, student dormitories, cinemas, etc., to deal with such incidents as drinking, quarrel, noisy, fighting and so on in accordance with the regulations on the management of the school order and the regulations on the punishment of the public security administration, or will be studied. Students or troublemakers are sent to the school's security department for processing or to the public security organs. At the same time, the security guards should also pay attention to the protection of all kinds of mass sports activities held by the school. In the room, we should control the number of incoming people and maintain the internal order. In the open air, we should pay attention to those who are not pure and misbehaving.
    3、加强校园内巡逻 strengthen the patrol on campus
    The key points in campus patrol are key parts, remote areas, student dormitories, laboratories, and places where collective activities are organized. The purpose of patrol inspection is to find suspicious personnel; two is to find hidden accidents and various unsafe factors, such as doors and windows, water, electricity, gas and fire sources are not in place. For the problems found in the inspection, we should deal with them in time and record them, or submit them to the relevant departments to prevent them from happening. If there is a case or an accident, we should give an alarm and protect the scene. Security guards should pay special attention to those who go to school for harassment. They must be kept out of school.
    4、守护好要害部位和重要物资 protect the important parts and important materials
    We should organize special forces to protect the key parts such as laboratories and valuables stores, and strengthen patrol of these parts. We should also regularly check the warehouse where students concentrate their luggage on school holidays to prevent them from losing or preventing fires.





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