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Bodyguard self discipline and perseverance training
Bodyguard companies are more preoccupied with personal inductive talent, and strengthening the cultivation of bodyguard inductive talent is our company's purpose of training. Self-restraint and perseverance training are the characteristics of the company's training programs, especially perseverance is the most important.
Self-restraint is a virtue, and a query reveals that many prisoners are in prison, mostly because they lack the most fundamental self-restraint and do not put their primary energy on the positive and vivid side. We still have a lot of meaningful homework to do, so we don't have to fight back one by one what we don't like. Self denial begins here. A person needs to be self-motivated before he can deal with others. Because God dispel a person, always let others crazy. To keep yourself steady, you must balance your enthusiasm and self-restraint.
Perseverance and perseverance are the most vigorous equipment strength that leaders should "equip". Fighting spirit, humiliation, endurance, endurance and perseverance are the essence of great events. Impregnable, in practice, refers to "perseverance". Perseverance knows, and psychologists call perseverance the transcendental essence of mind. Perseverance is not inherent, it is acquired by acquired learning, is gradually cultivated in the family, campus, social education and self-training. In psychic thinking, perseverance refers to the mental process in which people consciously determine the policy, knowingly distribute and adjust their actions, and defeat difficulties to end the booking policy. It is the same as emotion, motivation and so on. It is the embodiment of people's knowing tendency. Russian physiologist Balov said in his early years: "Depression, fear and disappointment can make people sick; vivid, happy, strong perseverance and broad-minded mood can defeat the disease, but also can make people vigorous and turtle age." It can be seen that emotion and perseverance make people healthy, beautiful, tortoise age, and have special charm. To put an end to a perseverance activity, there must be a guideline, which is determined by repeated consideration and comparison, not by confusion. A guideline is a navigation system for perseverance. Feeling, love, and perseverance are inseparable and fundamental processes of human thought, which are accompanied by every stage of life. The condition of perseverance is the policy of self-study. The establishment of the policy depends on the exertion of perseverance. The strength of perseverance deepens the knowledge of mankind.
Perseverance training content: perseverance is embedded in the human mind and directly reflected in the behavior of the mind essence, it is primarily reflected in the leader's behavior in the fighting spirit, rigidity and patience.
(1) fighting spirit - the fortitude of perseverance.
The rigidity of a leader's perseverance is most often manifested in rigidity. Many outstanding characters are facing difficulties, twists and turns, failure without losing heart, with a strong will to overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, and finally embarked on the road to success.
(2) determination of rigidity and perseverance.
The rigidity of a leader, that is, the decisiveness of perseverance, is a person who is good at seizing the opportunity to make decisions in a timely and resolute manner. Leaders'decisiveness is not only reflected in the ability to grasp the opportunity to make the right choice plan, but also reflected in the ability to make mistakes on their own choices immediately continuous behavior. Decisiveness is never arbitrary and decisive, regardless of the objective practice and the rules it opens, or indecisive or indecisive. The rigidity of perseverance can only be achieved by establishing decisiveness in the inquiry into practice and the scientific foresight of its opening direction.
(3) patience - endurance of perseverance.
To cultivate endurance, we must first accept the pressure from the outside world. We should not be so weak that we want to evade and submit as soon as we encounter the problems, difficulties and pains of sticking hands. This will do harm to the solution of the problem. Successful people endure hardship with great perseverance and perseverance and march forward step by step in hardship.
A person should have patience, to be able to control their own mood at the right time, as far as possible not to let the depression, harmful mood of things erupt, to achieve: win not arrogant, defeated not discouraged, not to reflect the joys and sorrows in the face, not to affect others and the collective mood, and then do a good job of the leader. Perseverance is tough and tough, strong and forceful. It is the embodiment of a leader's perseverance. Without one aspect of the elements, the quality of perseverance is not imperfect, can not be called a super healthy perseverance nature. As a leader, it is necessary to work hard on perseverance, tenacity and fighting spirit, that is, to practice oneself in decisiveness, patience, and toughness.
As long as your self-restraint and perseverance can transcend others, your homework will surely become more brilliant, which is also a special talent to become an excellent bodyguard!
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