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  New team members have just entered the security work, facing the new environment, new posts, in order to meet the sense of novelty and curiosity, it is inevitable that there will be some psychological reactions. In view of these situations, the author combined with the actual team, summed up some specific measures, I hope to help you.
  1. It is not suitable for the strict daily management of the security team.
  New players have just left their parents'spoil, and the company's strict management will make many new players feel uncomfortable compared to the freedom at home.
  Response measures: Team backbone to actively guide, conscientiously do a good job passing, help, lead the work, to let the new team members slowly understand: since the choice of security profession, first of all, to enter the security role as soon as possible, conscientiously abide by the company's rules and regulations. Second, develop good personal habits. The cultivation of good habits is not an instant success, not only to have a rule-based, strict and orderly atmosphere, but also the need for self-discipline, self-pressure, unremitting efforts.
  Two, do not adapt to the tension of work and life rhythm
  Security team work, life rhythm is fast, many new players appear tense, anxious, restless, insomnia and other conditions, emotional fluctuations, not only affect the next day's daily work, but also unfavorable to health.
  Countermeasures: first, the new members should be familiar with the work and life rules of the security team as soon as possible. Although the life of the unit is intense, it is orderly and regular. As long as you are familiar with the working and living procedures and rules of the day, you can be busy and not messy, tight and orderly. Second is the strong sense of time. As the saying goes: slow step, slow step, if things do in front, will gradually adapt to the tense pace of life of the detachment. Third is to learn to relax, self decompression, do work and rest.
  Three, do not adapt to the environment far away from their loved ones.
  Some new players suddenly leave the warm family and familiar interpersonal network, will inevitably have a feeling of love and loneliness, which is a common psychological phenomenon. But excessive homesickness is harmful to one's own growth and progress, often leading to work, training and learning listlessness.
  Coping measures: first of all, we should consciously overcome homesickness, slowly adapt to social life, learn to live in the collective, into large groups. Secondly, emotional transfer is necessary. Focus on your work and study training and distract your homesickness.
  In the daily management process of the team, there will inevitably be some contradictions within the team, so how can the team leader coordinate to deal with and resolve the contradictions? Xiaobian thinks that we should start with the following aspects:
  First, aim for "harmony". In the process of dealing with contradictions, the team leader should make every effort to seek common ground while reserving differences and resolve contradictions in the face of security guards with different backgrounds, different experiences and different personalities. It is the first principle and starting point to find out the similarities and glittering points of the players, to be kind to people and to convince people by reason in line with the goal of "seeking harmony and promoting development".
  Two, stand for "public". Most of the contradictions within the detachment are between people. As the leader of the detachment, in handling the contradictions, he should adhere to the views of openness, impartiality and impartiality, not favoritism, not short-sightedness, and not act according to the doctrine of hearsay.
  Three, attitude to "honesty". In the process of dealing with contradictions, we should always insist on resolving problems with a sincere attitude, learn to think in a transposition, and understand the difficulties of both sides of the contradiction. It is important to treat people with sincerity and change the weather in spring so that both sides of the contradiction can ponder and inspire after listening to it, and draw closer the relationship between them and the players, so that they can truly be sincere and convinced, so that the contradiction can be solved.
  Four, time asks for "quick". It is found that contradictions should be resolved in time, not wait for the contradictions to escalate and then solve, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.
  Five, the question is "accurate". We should be good at discovering and grasping the main contradictions of existing problems in time, selecting breakthroughs, finding out the key points between the two sides of the contradiction, finding out the main aspects leading to the existence of contradictions, and grasping the essence of the problems and contradictions.
  Six, the method seeks "live". General problems should be resolved in a timely manner; special problems should be investigated and studied for opportunistic solutions. Big problems can be turned into small ones, simplified step by step, and solutions can be found. Only in this way can contradictions be reduced, problems be reduced, and the principle of making big things small and small things nothing.
  Adhering to the "six-character formula" and dealing with the small friction between the team members can create a harmonious working environment for the team members and promote the healthy development of the security team.
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