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As we all know, when the camera is suitable for a long time, there will be a layer of mist. What is the cause? Don't worry. Today we will explain how the waterproof webcam is dissipating.
Waterproof webcam
Waterproof network camera is made of 58 lamps in series. The heat generated by its lamp is transmitted through positive and negative stages, and it can not play a role in heat dissipation. Its packaging material is epoxy resin. Cracking layer will appear during operation, and then the phenomenon of light fading will appear. Three months later, the traditional infrared protection. Water network cameras can attenuate 30. Here is the Ji'nan security service company to explain how the waterproof webcam is dissipating.
The composition of fog and frost is due to the condensation of full water vapor in the air when it is condensed, and the frost and fog are formed respectively because of the strong and weak cold environment. Infrared cameras, especially indoor cameras, often cause fog or frost on the windowpanes of protective covers due to fog or water vapor, which makes the cameras unable to see objects clearly and directly affects the monitoring effect.
There are different ways of dealing with this problem. Add defrosting circuit, register air hole, fill nitrogen, add fan, put desiccant and so on. Different methods, of course, have different effects, some can deal with problems, some still can not deal with problems. However, from the most fundamental point of view, it is necessary to strictly control the cleaning of the material and try to eradicate the existence of volatiles. For example, PCB plates should not have residual flux, and the light shield should be made of high quality silicone materials.
The new generation of infrared waterproofing cameras have made innovations and improvements in the field of lighting in order to change the situation that the lifetime of infrared waterproofing network cameras is not long due to poor heat dissipation.
The new generation of infrared waterproof cameras uses a single lamp, one of which is equivalent to 70-80 of the traditional cameras'infrared lamps. The lamp passes through the lamp board (aluminum alloy used for the lamp board) connecting lamp and a heat sink, which passes through the chip connecting shell and then gets the heat dissipation effect. Its packaging material is selenium glue. Because there is no cracking layer, there will be no such phenomenon as light decay, night vision is very good, life can reach 5-10 years, within 2 years the naked eye can not see any attenuation.
So the new generation of infrared waterproof network camera heat dissipation is very good, if used after the shell feels very hot, indicating that its heat dissipation. The good heat dissipation also lengthened the number of lives.
The new generation of infrared waterproof network camera is a multi-point integration, each lattice lamp can be integrated 60-80 LED light-emitting crystals, the integrated volume of the nail cover as long as the size of the manufactured products will not be too large. Because dot matrix lamps are highly integrated LED, they are much smaller than others.
Small volume is the most convenient for application, if the use of dozens of single LED combination of infrared light source device on the high-speed ball machine, the role is conceivable. Generally, the luminous viewpoint of a product is 7-10 degrees, so it forms a torch-like beam. The maximum viewpoint of our luminous body can reach 180 degrees. It can illuminate all spaces in the room. The optical output of a single LED is 5 mw-15 mw, and the optical output of a dot array lamp is 800 mw-1000 mw, which is about the size of a penny. This indicates that dot matrix lamps are clearer, brighter and more remote monitoring screens than similar products on the market.
There are two possible reasons: first, it may be due to the ambiguity of water vapor on the lens. On the other hand, the product is not very good, after a long time aging, the quality of the picture becomes vague, and there may be product sealing is not very good, there is moisture masked in the lens. Second, the technical problems of the machine itself, if the quality of the network camera fails to pass, it will simply show the lens money fogging, rubber washer oil, picture whitening, more snowflakes, noise and other phenomena, which is due to the aging of the sealed leather ring.
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